cake smash-6

What’s the best love story you know? 

“I do really like Adam and Lindsay’s love story. Which was really, really beautiful as they were going to a party and they thought it would be really funny to pretend that they were going out when they weren’t. So they walked to this party and pretended and then as they were walking home they were saying; ‘Oh you know, maybe it wouldn’t be so silly to ‘pretend’, we could do it for real’. I think the best part of their story is, they ended up holding hands, and it’s really funny because later Lindsay was like; ‘well you held my hand’

Adam said ‘No, you started holding my hand’, and they’ve decided it must have been an angel who put their hands together”

Are you an romantic at heart?

“Yes. I think i’m romantic at heart because one of my fantasies is reading a book with someone that i love but i think that is quite romanticised. People don’t do that in real life”

Can you say ‘i love you’ in another language? 


‘Ich liebe dich’ – German

‘Je t’aime’ – French

‘Ti amo’ – Italian

Yeah, i feel like i should know more. I’m a bit disappointed”

What’s the most loving thing someone has done for you?

“I have been incredibly loved by the Beagles because they took me in and accepted me as their own daughter when they never ever had to and that was just amazing and incredible. They are really beautiful”


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